Embrace LiveFolders: New Version Available for Wapedia on Android

Hot off the presses of our new iPhone version release, we’re pleased to announce a new version of our Wapedia application for the Android platform.

The most important new feature with the new release is the introduction of LiveFolders.’a0 As written about on ReadWriteWeb, LiveFolders is an amazing new feature introduced into Android recently which makes it possible for web sites to embed real-time content that updates in the background to enable the user to have tailored content on the Android device’s home screen.

Therefore, with version 1.6.1 of Wapedia, you can access two types of LiveFolders from the desktop.’a0 First, you can get easy access to the recent history of your Wapedia searches right from the desktop and your Bookmarks that you’ve set inside Wapedia.

To get the new version of Wapedia on Android, simply go to the Android Market and search for Wapedia.

Check out the screenshots below for more more context as to what’s available in the new Wapedia:

Wapedia on the Android HomescreenWapedia LiveFolders

Also, for more of a look into what LiveFolders can do, check out the following YouTube Video:

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