Call For Input: Please Help Track The Mobile Touch Ecosystem

A few weeks ago, we rolled out the first in a series of reports that would help us describe and assess the new class of websites that are intended for touch interfaces.’a0 The Mobile Touch Web, as we call it, brings a whole new world of content, utility, and focus for mobile devices.

Our first report, available at, introduced our findings since tracking the touch web for much of 2009 to today.

The Touch Web report garnered some attention, generating discussion on the web about whether touch websites are preferable to mobile applications.’a0 Now, we have started working with Peggy Anne Salz to help us with the next phase of this research.

On her publication, MSearchGroove, Peggy is asking for a collaborative effort from the mobile web audience as to how they see the mobile touch web.’a0 As Peggy says:

I hope you will submit three bullet points/observations that sum up how the Mobile Touch Web will likely impact our lives/lifestyles/experiences/ecosystems/businesses ’96 the works!

We are excited to see how the community responds and how you guys see the mobile touch web as changing how we consume and interact with mobile content on this new class of devices.

To participate, go to Peggy’s post and send her an email as described in the bottom of the article.