Welcome To Our New Blog Design!

(image courtesy of photorisma)

Hello there! As if we haven’t all had enough excitement today we’ve got a little something to announce. For quite a while, the Taptu Blog has had the same look and feel so we decided recently it was time to give the blog a coat of paint and we embarked on a re-design project.

Since our corporate branding and color scheme has changed a bit , our blog now is complimented by the new color palette. Aside from the visual refresh, we have integrated some of our other channels of social media we have including YouTube, Flickr, and Delicious and these appear in the sidebars on the right hand side.’a0 Also, we have a special place for ‘Stuff We Like’ which will be full of…..well, stuff we like.

Introducing Charles

I also want to take this chance to introduce Charles into the Taptu family.’a0 Charles has been doing work with us since last November, so many of you are already familiar with him.’a0 He’92s helping us reach out to the community and is an amazing talent to have on the team.

You’ve already seen Charles on this blog and on our Twitter stream, and Charles and I will be tag-teaming events as they come up as well.

Thanks To The Team

The main project team for Taptu on the blog re-fresh is Charles Olive, Chris Moisan, and Jason Harris (me).’a0 Additionally, we also want to give big props to the awesome designer we collaborated with, Vin Thomas.

Vin works out of Oregon (along with me) and specializes in Web Design, especially working with WordPress.’a0 He was awesome to work with and we would definitely recommend him for other organizations looking to do any type of work with WordPress and web design.’a0 Vin was timely, reliable, and put up with our demanding team with grace.’a0 Thanks Vin!