Smartphone Owners Like To Shop From Their Handsets

According to some new research from Compete, a research firm, mobile smartphone owners are fond of shopping form their mobile handsets.’a0 According to Compete, some 41 percent of iPhone users and 43 percent of Android users report that they check sale prices while they are shopping.

These figures come as no surprise to me, as increased functionality of new handsets are leading customers to do comparison shopping.’a0 For example, I have been trialing a Motorola Droid from Verizon Wireless here in the United States, and in the Android Market is an application called ‘Barcode Scanner’ that will scan any barcode and conduct a corresponding Google Product Search, showing product information.’a0 Additionally, the Amazon app on Android will scan any barcode and save the product into your Amazon wish list.

With these types of applications, combined with high quality cameras and fast 3G data connections, the mobile phone is the perfect shopping companion.’a0 Also, it is interesting to see how people are using their touch-friendly phones to gain intelligence whilst conducting their day-to-day business.

Another point of Compete’s study is how mobile customers are turned off when a company does not have a mobile-optimized site.’a0 In fact, shoppers report a high degree of abandonment when they have difficulty surfing a site on their mobile devices.’a0 As much as 45% of folks abandoned sites that weren’t optimized for mobile.

The lesson to be learned: more and more, research data and practical experience are pointing to a growing a population of mobile-savvy customers who are using their mobile phones to comparison shop.’a0 Also, these same customers are demanding that destination sites are designed to be tailored to mobile devices.

Is your site mobile-optimized and friendly to those with smart phones?’a0 The folks who carry these devices apparently like to spend money and use their devices on a regular basis.’a0 Come on – the touch friendly web is a fun place – join us! 🙂

(photo credit: Flickr user avlxyz)