CES Wrap-Up: Mobile Style

This last weekend, I went to the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Nevada.’a0 CES is an amazing show – it’s the largest tech conference on the planet and it shows.’a0 So, amongst all the gadgets and gizmos, what were the amazing revelations to the world of mobile communications?

Going Android

To steal a little thunder from the huge show in Vegas, Google unveiled their Nexus One handset.’a0 This new mobile phone has some impressive specs and capabilities and is being sold unlocked, which is a major step in the US marketplace.’a0 You see, the innovation that Google pushed forward isn’t the Nexus One handset itself, but the fact that they’re selling an unlocked handset from their Google website.’a0 This is a new concept here in the carrier-dominated United States.

Also hopping on the Android bandwagon is Sony Ericsson.’a0 At CES, the company unveiled the Sony Ericsson Xperia X10, a super sexy handset featuring Android 1.6 combined with a beautiful handset that features an 8 megapixel camera and the company’s special Timescape and Mediascape user interfaces.

Launching 4G In The US

At CES 2010, Sprint officially launched their 4G network.’a0 The number 3 US mobile carrier launched the Sprint Overdrive, a 4G capable MiFi like device that allows you to connect any Wi-Fi enabled device to Sprint’s superfast 4G network.

MocoNews covered the event very well, highlighting the odd event that otherwise effectively communicated the features of a “4G lifestyle”.’a0 Whereby any Wi-Fi enabled device can easily attach to a very quick network, sans the separate connection fee for each device.

A Wild West For Mobile Operating Systems

With the wide adoption and fragmentation of the Android OS, along with the change coming in Windows Mobile, it’s apparent that it’s anyone’s game in the mobile operating system market.’a0 The iPhone continues to grow fast along with BlackBerry OS.’a0 Also, Symbian is undergoing a huge remodel with the new Symbian UI and related touch devices.

So, in other words, no one knows what the mobile OS marketplace will be like in 2 or 5 years.’a0 The only common thread that I saw is that touch interfaces are here to stay because the engaging user experience that is associated with it is so inviting.

What Excited You?

Were there any CES announcements that excited you?’a0 Lets discuss in the comments below!

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