Techcraver Review: Jabra Halo Bluetooth Headphones


The Jabra Halo headphones are special in one major way.  Not only can these headphones connect to your audio sources in the typical wired fashion, but they are Bluetooth – meaning you can use them to wireless-ly enjoy your music as well.  That’s right, these are special headphones, designed to work with devices such as Bluetooth-enabled computers, iPod Touches, and cell phones at support Bluetooth such as Nokia NSeries’ and the iPhone 3GS.

The Jabra Halo also has noise-canceling microphones in them, for calling on your mobile phone, just like a typical Bluetooth headset.

First Impressions:

These headphones are very, very comfortable.  When you put them on your head, they are so light that you forget you have them on.  Also, once on your head, these headphones don’t really slide around either – the design is great.  I wouldn’t recommend using these to run with, but for using around the house or at work – the headphones will definitely stay put.

After you get used to the physical comfort of the device, how does it perform?  To try syncing this device, I tried Bluetooth pairing with my iPod Touch 8GB (2nd edition), MacBook Pro, and Nokia N97 smartphone.

The initial pairing happened without a hitch, but listening to long sets of music on my iPod Touch was rather frustrating.  About twice every hour, the Halo disconnected or had blips where the audio would cut out.  I had to close the hinges on the Halo (this is how you power the headphones off) and re-open them to get the audio to stream correctly.  This was quite frustrating at times.

Audio Quality:

Jabra is a brand that is known for their upper-end audio quality.  The Halo carried this tradition on – as headphones, the Halo sounded quite good.  When I asked callers how I sounded while on a call, they said it sounded like I was on a headset but that my voice was audible and clear enough.

Other Useful Bits:

The Jabra Halo can connect to two devices at the same time.  In my case, I paired it with my MacBook Pro for listening to audio and my Nokia N97 for fielding and making calls.  This functionality worked as promised without a hitch.

The device charges off of MicroUSB.  This is all well and good, but the cable provided was very poor at staying attached.  There were many times where the cable came out, which was quite annoying.


The Jabra Halo headset is priced at $129.  There are some hitches described above, but overall I think the Halo is a worthwhile purchase.  The audio quality, combined with the comfort and wireless connectivity make this an attractive wireless headset package.