New Taptu Features for Our Touch And Android Friends

After releasing our OneRiot integration and our Android App, you’d think our engineers would be tired and ready to rest on the laurels for a bit.’a0 Well, at Taptu, we must have amped up the coffee because these fine folks have been hard at work working on refining

new touch homescreenWith a new release of our Touch UI, Taptu users who visit the website on a Touch-enabled device will probably notice some great new features:

  • More real-time topics on the front page.’a0’a0 Also, when you refresh the page, the real-time topics update to show the latest buzz and hot topics.
  • Sharing options for search results. Now, you can share out search results via Twitter, Facebook and even by old fashioned email, for those that still do it.’a0 :)’a0 These are features that are already present in our iPhone app (and on our main search site, and we’92re happy to bring them to our touch web and Android platforms as well.
  • We’92ve added new Touch phones to the list of devices that will see the finger-friendly version of the Taptu search service when visiting our web site.’a0 We already supported the iPhone, Nokia XpressMusic 5800 and N97, BlackBerry Storm, and T-Mobile G-1 phones.’a0 Now we have added: All Android devices, BlackBerry Storm2, BlackBerry Bold 9700 and 9000 and the Palm Pre.
  • A few design tweaks and housekeeping items, to improve user experience.
  • A minor thing: all new shares from the Taptu application will show our new shortened URLs, such as

A few weeks back when we debuted our Taptu Search App for Android, we promised some upcoming features.’a0 With the release of the Android App, we wanted to put out a baseline app and add features that make it more useful and interesting as a search tool.

A top feedback item we got from Android users was the inability to share out results.’a0 This feature is now enabled on the Android platform and is available on all Android-based handsets.’a0 Also, the Android app will work with all Android devices.

To try the new features, just visit on your mobile web browser or fire up the Android application.’a0 Note that no app update is required if you’re using Taptu search application on your Android device.

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