Myspace Realtime APIs And OneRiot Integration


Hot off the press from Le Web conference in Paris comes the news that Myspace has just launched a range of realtime APIs offering developers access to huge amounts of streaming social information. The best part of the story is that OneRiot is one of the launch partners, meaning that whenever Myspace users update their profiles by sharing links to blog posts, videos or news, OneRiot is able to make that information available and as Taptu has a partnership with OneRiot, Taptu results just got a load more relevant.

‘MySpace users, and the content they share with friends, make a massive contribution to the realtime social web” Tobias Pegg from OneRiot explained.

“Today, when Myspacers update their profiles by publicly sharing links to new blog posts, viral videos or other web content they’92re interested in, we can immediately make that content available to everyone searching with OneRiot”

Check out OneRiot’s own announcement on their blog here.