Innovating Real-Time Search On The Touch Web

Google today announced some interesting new features with their mobile search that include voice search with location-based results, great integration with QR barcodes (which we love!) and an augmented reality search based on your location called ’93Google Goggles’94.’a0 Separately, Google announced their entrance into the real-time search market on the desktop web.

Google’s added attention into the mobile and real-time search adds validity to a market we’ve been working in for more than two years. We would also like to point out what makes us different.

These announcements given today sound good, but what about those who want real-time search results on their mobile device, in a touch-friendly setting? That’92s where Taptu and our partnership with OneRiot come into play.’a0 As we said before, our ’93Buzz’94 section allows you to see what’92s being said about a search topic as it happens on the real time web.

According to GigaOm, Google’s real-time search will be rolled out to iPhone and Android users.’a0 This, however, leaves out other mobile touch-enabled platforms such as Nokia and BlackBerry.’a0 Our real-time search supports all major platforms, including iPhone/iPod Touch, Nokia, BlackBerry, and Android.

We’re Built for the Touch-Friendly Mobile Web

Taptu’s site and apps are tailored to touch devices, making them easy to use without the need for pinching, squeezing and strained eyes associated with non-touch optimized content. With Taptu you’ll also find the hottest topics on the real-time web center stage on our home page, results formatted for touch mobile devices and you can share out your favorite finds via email, Twitter, or Facebook.

Overcoming Information Overload

Google’92s real-time web sources include Facebook, MySpace, FriendFeed, Jaiku, Identi,ca, and Twitter.’a0 Looking at the demo video that Google shows, their real-time search is a constantly updating stream of raw results depending on your search term.

Because of OneRiot’s PulseRank algorithm, the search results provided by Taptu and OneRiot are fresh and based on the activity and “pulse” a piece of content is generating.’a0 In human terms, PulseRank pulls out the best of the firehose of information coming from social-relevant web sites.’a0 The search results provided by Taptu and OneRiot use the social web to filter the best content being share right now. PulseRank has been called “PageRank for the real-time web”.

Give Us a Whirl!

To check us out, go to on your mobile device.’a0 And as always, we’92re open to feedback ’96 connect with us on Twitter, leave a comment below, or email me.