Great Weekend Sale At Nokia Stores (With Prices)

I received a tip about an upcoming “Friends and Family” sale at the Chicago and New York Nokia Stores this weekend. Matt Miller posted about the sale earlier, but Nokia left out pricing. I asked Nokia and heard back today.

These are some great prices on some awesome phones. Up to 40% off in some cases. Without further ado, here’s the price list:

Product, Regular Price, Sale Price
Nokia 2680 $78.00 $84.00 $64.99

Nokia 5800 $349.00 $315.00 $259.00
Nokia 5800 (Navigation edition) $369.00 $369.00 $279.00

Nokia E75 $483.00 $379.00 $299.00

Nokia N86 $499.00 $449.00 $379.00
Nokia N97 $699.00 $629.00 $529.00
Nokia N97 (Mini) $579.00 $579.00 $479.00
Nokia N85 $435.00 $349.00 $299.00

Nokia N900 $649.00 $649.00 $569.00

There are some really good deals in here. But what if you aren’t in Chicago or New York? No problem – just call the store and phone in your order via credit card. They’ll ship the phone(s) out to you.

Happy Shopping! Merry Christmas!