Going to CES? You Need Fast Wireless…Rent WiMAX!

I’ll soon be going down to Las Vegas, Nevada for the Consumer Electronics show – the largest technology show all year.

Being connected will be very important as we will all want to cover stories.  There’s Wi-Fi at the conference but it is very spotty, from what I hear.  So, the other obvious solution is a high-speed wireless connection.

However, who wants to buy a Clear (or Sprint) WiMAX solution for a show that only lasts a few days?  That’s where Cheetah Wireless Technologies comes in.  With Cheetah, you can rent a WiMax device for your Mac or PC for a low daily rate, starting at $12.50 per day.

This is a great deal if you’re looking to cover the conference from any location in Vegas.

You can even rent the modem in Vegas and use it wherever Clear offers WiMAX coverage – pretty cool!

(hat tip to Andy Abramson)