Taptu Search Application Now Available for Android OS

At Taptu, we’ve always been in business to meet our customers where their needs lie.’a0 Since our inception, we’ve been trying to bring a new perspective to the world of search & discovery on mobile

After releasing our Taptu App for the iPhone and iPod Touch, we received great feedback on this application and looked to bring the same experience to other mobile operating systems.’a0 With this in mind, Taptu is announcing the release of our Taptu Android App, available immediately in the Android Market.

Now Android users can have a useful light application that harnesses the power of Android’s built-in browser.’a0 What’s available in our Android App?’a0 Consider the following:

  • Easy access to touch-friendly web results.’a0 You can easily access the latest news, images, and real-time buzz.
  • Get Android-friendly results. By focusing on Android optimized web content, you get search results tailored for your shiny new Android phone.
  • Stay up to date with real-time results.’a0 Thanks to our partnership with OneRiot, you can stay current on news and events, as they happen with the new Android app.

In the very near future, we’ll be adding the ability so share out search results via Twitter and Facebook and other app enhancements.

To find our new Android App, search for Taptu in the Android Market.’a0 As always, if you have any feedback for us, please email me at jason@taptu.com and reach our to us on Twitter at twitter.com/taptu.