Palm Pixi Is Released: Does It Interest You?

A few moths after the debut of the Pre, Palm’s first phone in years after the huge success of their Palm Treo platform, the Silicon Valley company is releasing the Palm Pixi.’a0 Available on the Sprint network in the United States, the Pixi is the Pre’s younger sibling: lacking the sexy form factor, slide-out keyboard, and featuring slower hardware all around.

However, the Pixi is available for about $100.

The Pixi is a big step for Palm.’a0 It is the second handset running the WebOS and with the lackluster sales figures of the Pre, Palm needs a successful handset to help their bottom line.

A recent review summarized the Pixi up by saying:

  • The hardware was decent but not great.’a0 The device feels good in the hands but performance suffered.
  • The user interface lags between commands, due to a slower process or and less RAM.
  • Decent battery life – around 6.5 hours.’a0 This is good for any ‘smart’ phone.
  • The keyboard is easier to use than the Pre’s.

So, the question to you and other potential smart phone customers – would you be willing to give the Palm platform a try?’a0 Is the Pixi, with it’s inexpensive price tag, impressive enough for you to plunk down $100?

With an iPhone model already priced (in the United States) at $100 competition is fierce at this pricing point.’a0 It will be fun to see how these new budget-conscience models far in the phone market.