Mobile Thanks On This Thanksgiving

In the United States, today is Thanksgiving, a day where we pause and think about those people and things in our lives that make us most thankful.

In this spirit, I’ve collected some awesome items to be thankful for in the mobile world:

Increased competition in the touch phone market. One year ago, the iPhone was the mega-daddy in the touch phone arena.’a0 Sure there were a few other decent phones out there that utilized touch input, but the iPhone was the king of the hill.’a0 Now, in late 2009, we have some major competition to the iPhone including the Palm Pre, the numerous HTC and Motorola phones running Android, a few good contenders utilizing Windows Mobile, and the Nokia N97 and XpressMusic 5800.

2009 is no doubt the year that the touch mobile web has taken off.’a0 And as the company who brings you the best search experience on the mobile touch friendly web, we’re thankful for that 🙂

Wonderful Apps and Services That Make Life Easier.’a0 On the iPhone, there is an app for every need, or that’s what Apple pitches in their ads.’a0 It is hard to think otherwise.’a0 It’s a fact, as mobile users, we are blessed with some fantastic applications that make our day-to-day existence much easier.

Take for example Evernote, an app that allows you to remember anything by snapping a photo of it, tagging it, and forever capturing that information.’a0 Secondly, Google Maps makes impossible for us to ever be lost again.’a0 Facebook for Mobile brings our social life to us on our mobile devices, no matter where we are.’a0 And lastly, Gravity on Symbian makes tweeting from Nokia phones a breeze.

Our great community of users. At Taptu, we have been blessed with a great user community.’a0 Whether you leave a comment on our message boards, comment on this blog, or interact with us on Twitter, we appreciate you, our awesome users!

Thank you for making it possible for Taptu to improve our services and apps through your feedback, praise, and criticism.’a0 You help us make Taptu better and we’re forever thankful!

As a bonus reason we’re thankful for our mobile phones: Tracking Black Friday Deals. You see, the day after Thanksgiving is known in the US as “Black Friday”, where millions of Americans wake up early to go get a head start on Christmas shopping on the biggest shopping day of the year.

Thanks to a post over at ReadWriteWeb, you can use your iPhone to get prepared for the big day.’a0 First, install DealNews to find deals at each store you plan on visiting, so you don’t waste your time looking at items that aren’t truly bargains.’a0 Then, you can use Black Friday app (available in the App Store to comparison shop to make sure the deal your scouting is truly a deal.

With that – have fun and enjoy your Thanksgiving everyone!

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