Add High Quality Voice To Your Gaming With Blabbelon

If you play games online, you have probably wanted to have a big group talk session while doing so. Talking to your teammates adds a while new level of fun to your online gaming experience.

The trouble is, this talking while gaming scheme doesn’t work out normally because of the high-bandwidth needs of online games. However, there is a savior in a product that utilizes a new Internet voice technology called SILK (from Skype).

A new product called Blabbelon looks to change the way gamers communicate while in the midst of game play. The new product can handle thousands of simultaneous users. The press release claims the system can handle 7,000 users, whereas existing systems cap out at a few dozen or so.

Also, because SILK uses such minute amounts of bandwidth, game play will be able to go one without impeding game play.

Blabbelon will immediately focus their attention on the online gaming space, with huge audiences who play games such as World of Warcraft. Blabbelon is free to use between users.

While reading Blabbelon’s site, i see they’re coming out on mobile devices soon – which should extend the reach of their offering many times over.