Wapedia Rockets on Android

s1Many moons ago, Florian Amrhein launched Wapedia as a way to bring the ever-popular Wikipedia online encyclopedia to those accessing the site on their mobile phone.’a0 Since then, we have released a Wapedia application on both the iPhone and on the Android platforms.

The take-up and feedback of Wapedia on Android has been fantastic. We’re over the moon with it’s early success. Thanks to all of you that have become regular users and provided feedback.

Here are a few highlights so far:

  • On September 19 of this year, the Wapedia application surpassed the 100,000 download mark on the Android Market.
  • As of yesterday, September 30, the application has been downloaded more than 120,000 times.
  • The Wapedia Android application has received over 20 5-star ratings from Android users at cryket.com.
  • The Wapedia application has a very high satisfaction rating on Androlib.com.

New Features Abound

s2The most recent version of Wapedia which was just released to the Android Market has a few new features that are sure to gain notice.

First of all, the newest version supports the most recent 1.6 ‘Donut’ revision of the Android OS.’a0 Also, the latest Wapedia app supports the creation of bookmarks of Wikipedia content and an all new history functionality.

As you can see, Wapedia on Android is growing strong.’a0 With the new features, and others we have coming down the pike, we expect our Android Wapedia users to continue to be happy with the product.

As always, if you have any feedback on how to make our apps and services better, please reach out.’a0 My email address is jason@taptu.com and we’re on Twitter as well.

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