T-Mobile USA Unveils New and Improved Rate Plans

T-Mobile USA is the United States’ number four (out of four) mobile network in terms of subscriber numbers. They’ve always differentiated themselves from the rest of the pack by offering outstanding customer service and well-priced rate plans to their customers.

Today, the mobile carrier took another step to help win over mobile phone customers.

The Even More and Even More rate plans were announced today.

Lets start with the Even More packages. These require a two-year service agreement and include a discounted phone. The unlimited individual prices begin at $59 per month and go up to $99 if you want unlimited messaging and web access as well.

With the Even More Plus plans, you don’t get any equipment discount and unlimited plans start at $49 per month for voice and are only $79/month for unlimited everything (messaging and web access).

So, basically, if you already have a handset or don’t mind paying full price for one – the Even More Plus is a better deal in terms of monthly service charges.

One change I don’t like at all: T-Mobile has done a way with the myFaves plans, which allowed unlimited calling to your 5 most called contacts. With other carriers such as AT&T and Verizon recently adding these types of “calling circles” to their plans, T-Mobile has taken a step back in taking the myFaves option off the table.

However, if you want an unlimited plan with no worries about the amount of minutes used or texts sent, it looks like these new T-Mobile plans are a winner. What do you think about the new rate plans?

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