Study: Android Will Be Number Two Handset OS

In a recent study, notable research firm Gartner predicts that the Android mobile operating system will be the number 2 operating system by 2012.’a0 This is quite surprising, as many eyeballs are fixed upon Apple’s iPhone and its surging popularity.

According to Gartner, Google’s market share will increase from 2% today to 14% figure by 2012.’a0 Apple’s iPhone will be in third place with 13.7%, if the numbers pan out.’a0 Following Android, Windows Mobile and BlackBerry will be the number 4 and 5 mobile OSs, with a respective 12.8 and 12.5% market share.

As it does today, Garner forecasts Symbian will have a lead over the other competitors.’a0 However, where will all of Android’s growth come from?’a0 Gartner feels Symbian will continue to shed market share as mobile phone users hang up on Nokia and pick up Android-powered handsets.

There are many things going for Android these days.’a0 Apple’s iPhone is a fantastic device, but Apple has been very closed with which carriers can sell the iPhone.’a0 As you may know, Android is an open platform, available for any handset manufacturer and mobile carrier to adopt.’a0 So, the Android platform represents a lucrative offering for mobile handset manufacturers to build application-ready mobile phones with a high degree of name recognition.

Also, the open nature of Android and the Android Market make the mobile operating system attractive for application developers.

There are numerous new Android handsets coming out…have you considered giving one a try?’a0 What would it take for you to hang up on your current handset and trial an Android powered phone?

(Photo credit: Flickr User secretlondon123)

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