Boingo On Your BlackBerry

Boingo is a great wi-fi service that allows you to access the Internet via a robust wi-fi network in locales across the globe. I’ve covered Boingo before regarding the service’s vast reach and ease-of-use.

Recently, Boingo added the BlackBerry smartphone lineup to its list of devices that is supports. In addition to the iPhone, Android, Windows Mobile and Nokia line of phones, BlackBerry users can now access Boingo hotspots with a new level of ease.

Initially the Boingo Mobile application (available in the download center) is available for the BlackBerry Bold, Curve 9000 and Curve 8320. I’m sure there will be many more models supported soon as Boingo is quite agressive with these types of rollouts.

So, if you have a Wi-Fi enabled BlackBerry and want to access fast and cheap Wi-Fi while on the go, give Boingo and their new mobile application a look!

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