Nokia Acquires Social Travel Site Dopplr

Nokia has made yet another acquisition – and this latest one is quite interesting to me. The Finish mobile handset giant is acquire Dopplr, a popular site that enables users to share and display travel plans, get tips for upcoming travel, and exchange travel advice.

Techcrunch is reporting that the purchase price is between €10 million and €15 million. Also, it has been reported that Dopplr was about to gain another round of funding before Nokia came knocking.

Why does this acquisition matter? As a frequent traveler, I’m constantly on the lookout for people in my social circle who might be in the same area traveling for business or leisure. Services such as Dopplr (and TripIt) make this type of information readily available.

It’s true Dopplr isn’t a widely adopted social service, the service does have a userbase that is passionate about the Dopplr service – all things that will benefit Nokia going forward.

For Nokia, this deal is intriguing. As the handset maker looks to expand into the software service market, it’s obvious Nokia is going after companies that will offer invaluable services to mobile phone users. In the case of this acquisition, mobile phone users who are frequent travelers and want to connect with others.

An interesting note about Dopplr : they have an iPhone app, in addition to their mobile Internet site. It will be interesting to see what happens going forward. I imagine an S60 app will come out soon!

3 comments on “Nokia Acquires Social Travel Site Dopplr
  1. I think Dopplr is a cool service, but I just don’t see how it can ever achieve a large/active userbase beyond the cool tech kids traveling to conferences.

    TripIt on the other hand, very useful for any travel plans.

    Interesting nonetheless to see how Nokia will work with it.

  2. Jason,
    I’m not sure of the usefulness of Dopplr for Nokia yet. I use both TripIt and Dopplr and would have liked to see TripIt purchase or merge with Dopplr.
    Dopplr doesn’t offer any real time dat as far as I can tell and that’s what Nokia needs to offer.

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