New Project: Launching a New Site – Pints And Steins

Those who personally know me know that I have a few passions that I hold dear: 1) my wife and family, 2) technology, 3) cycling, and 4) Beer!

It is my fourth passion mentioned above that has inspired my newest project:

I am a huge fan of Oregon’s craft brewery industry and the fantastic beer we have come to know and love here in the Pacific Northwest. I’m always talking about and seeking new beers and I finally realized it was time to help share the news and analysis I come across.

Pints and Steins will feature new breweries, local beers, and the brewers that make it all happen. Please visit my new site and subscribe to the RSS Feed.

My first featured article profiles a local brewery that is about to go big: Pale Horse Brewing of Salem, Oregon.

I am currently seeking new brews and breweries to profile, so if you want to connect, please email me or call me at (503) 334-2574.

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