Android Becoming Widely Adopted

The Android mobile OS from the Open Handset Alliance represents a great promise’a0 for the mobile world.’a0 Like the insanely popular Symbian operating system, Android is an open source project that any handset maker can take and implement on their hardware stack, free of charge.

Android has been available for the better part of the year and the handsets that have come to market thus far have been from well-respected handset maker HTC.’a0 The G1 came first and in the US we now have the MyTouch3G from T-Mobile USA.

By paying attention to recent announcements in the mobile handset world, it’s apparent that Android has garnered attention from a growing list of device manufacturers.’a0 Just last week at the Mobilize Conference, which I attended along with Taptu CEO Steve Ives, Motorola announced the Cliq handset.

The Motorla Cliq is an attractive handset features full GSM/3G and Wi-Fi Internet connectivity, a 5 Megapizel camera, full QWERTY keyboard, and media playback, all running on the Android 1.5 (Cupcake) operating system.

Also at Mobilize I had the opportunity to sit down with Frank Meehan, the CEO of INQ Mobile.’a0 He told me (and the rest of the Mobilize conference) that INQ will enhance their existing handset palette with the addition of Android based handsets.’a0 The new line will INQ’s premium offering, leaving the BREW platform to power their low-cost models.

These developments, along with the addition of LG and Samsung embracing Android make me think that Android is finally come around and will soon be a force to recon with in the mobile world.’a0 The iPhone is currently the darling of the mobile world, but I know of many who are looking for an another option.

Android, with its native web functionality, touch interface, and attractive user experience might be the alternative some are looking for.’a0 Also, for app devleopers, the Android platform is attractive.’a0 You see, in the Android Marketplace, there aren’t as many restrictive practices that limit the publication of applications, unlike the App Store from iTunes.

If you’re already an Android user – you should check out our Wapedia app for browsing Wikipedia content.’a0 To find Wapedia – just search for us in the Marketplace.

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