The Everyman Headset for Skype: Killer Audio, Sweet Price

Everyman HeadsetYesterday I received a FREETALK Everyman Headset to use on my computer(s). It’s a USB headset that has a microphone attached for Skype calling and other uses on for audio on your computer.

This headset has a few things that set it a part from the rest of the pack:

  • Battling poor audio chipsets found in PCs. Skype found that its users are experiencing poor audio quality on Skype calls because of the sub par audio chipsets some PC makers are embedding in computers nowadays. There is an audio chip in the Everyman that supports wideband audio, also called HD Voice, to create clear, audible communications
  • Battling high priced headsets. Skype wanted a headset that would be well priced as well. The Everyman will come to your doorstep for $22.88 in the U.S., directly from the Skype Shop.
  • Supporting the latest Skype technology. Skype, with the 2.8 release on the Mac and 4.1 release of their Windows client, introduced the new SILK codec for clearer calls. I have been on some SILK calls and have been impressed, but for SILK to really work like its supposed to, you need to have a headset or device capable of supporting the codec at the hardware level.
  • Eco-friendly packaging. Why ship a bunch of packing materials that just get thrown away? The FREETALK folks ship the Everyman in a simple cardboard box that can easily be recycled.

To try the Everyman out, I engaged in three different calling tests. First off, I called a friend who I know also has an Everyman and the latest Skype (running SILK). Secondly, I called a normal Skype friend to test out the normal Skype-to-Skype calling performance, and last, I called a friend on their phone to test out a call to a normal landline phone.

In all three cases, I was absolutely blown away by the Everyman. If the manufacturer of this headset was looking to make a reasonably priced headset that sounds perfect and was comfortable to wear, they absolutely nailed it. After about 2 hours of wearing the Everyman, I was impressed with its comfort and how it felt on my head.

One more cool thing to point out. I was so impressed with the quality of the earphones, I wanted to try listening to music on it. The Everyman makes it possible for you to unplug the headphones out of the USB dongle and attach it to any standard headphone jack. Well, the sound coming out of my iPod was fantastic.

In summary, this is a fantastic headset for anyone making calls on your computer via Skype or some other VoIP program. Also, it’s great for those who talk into your computer for creating training videos or video-conferencing. The FREETALK Everyman headset is available directly from the Skype Shop and costs $22.88 shipped. Internationally, here are the prices: £19.88/€19.88.