Arrington Gets To Port Into Google Voice, When Do The Rest Of Us?!

I have been a huge fan of Google Voice for years. I’m so old school on Google Voice. In fact, back when first I came to know the service, it was known as GrandCentral and was something new by these two guys Vincent and Craig.

Google Voice is a revolutionary VoIP service that allows you to have some really great features for your phone service. Problem is, when you get a Google Voice number, it’s a brand new number that you then have to distribute to all your friends.

Well, yesterday I read that Michael Arrington (a new adopter to Google Voice) of Techcrunch was able to port his number into Google Voice and away from AT&T. My question to the Google Voice team: When are the rest of us going to be able to port our numbers in (and out) of Google Voice?!

I understand Arrington writes for a big publication, but you have thousands of users who have been with your service from the early days who matter too.