Download Our New App from the App Store: Music Cube

manscreenshot2As you all know, we’re really excited about the utilizing the touch interface to it’s fullest extent.’a0 To this end, we’ve taken a project of ours, The Music Cube, and ported it to the iPhone.’a0 Our new application is now available in the iTunes App store.

How does The Music Cube work?’a0 It’s a fun game whereby you analyze an image puzzle and try to guess the artist/band/song’a0 based on the visual image(s) you see.’a0 It’s challenging, addictive and works’a0 well on the touch interface. So if you have an iPhone or Touch and love music then give it a spin.

Music Cube on the iPhone was a little side project here at Taptu.’a0 As linked above, the desktop web version was produced a while back and proved so popular we just couldn’t resist porting it to the iPhone.’a0 When so many Taptuans rally behind an effort, its hard to hold them back.’a0 Our lead engineer on the project was Telmo Menezes (since crowned King of Open GL) with Matt and Marc on the design side.

cubescreenshot1Astonishingly, the Music Cube iPhone app was pumped out in just four weeks.’a0 Pretty cool, I think!

The intent of the Music Cube is to provide a fun game to pass the time while you’re waiting in a line, riding the bus, or otherwise have a few spare moments to challenge your music knowledge.’a0 Also, if you get stuck, you an always rely upon Taptu Mobile Search to help guide your way 🙂

Be sure to check out upcoming versions of the Music Cube app for additional, more challenging questions.