Mobile Month Continues: Apple’s WWDC Keynote Is Today!

I’ve been calling June 2009 the “Month of Mobile”.’a0 This is because June this year is bringing us many developments, announcements, and releases from different big players in the mobile industry.

Palm Pre – A New Beginning?

In the United States, June 6th saw the release of the Palm Pre.’a0 This highly anticipated handset is seen as many a turning point for Palm, once a major influence in the mobile handset world.’a0 The Treo had a strong following in the early half of this decade but with a lack of new innovations, Palm has fallen in popularity.’a0 Will the Pre turn things around for the Sunnyvale, Ca company?’a0 The next few months will tell.

Nokia and the N97 Mobile Computer

June will see the shipping of their newest NSeries handset – a phone I’ve called the “Holy Grail“.’a0 The Nokia N97 has an impressive hardware stack including a high resolution touch screen, 5MP camera with widescreen video capture, GPS and compass.’a0 Also, the homescreen of the N97 can be customized via widgets written for the S60 platform.’a0 The N97 also features a full slide-out keyboard for easy messaging and text input.

The Nokia application store, called Ovi Store, was recently released, making app discovery and selection easier on the S60 platform.’a0 This combinationwill help advance the Nokia/Symbian platform as a great option for mobile application developers and for customers as well.

Apple, the iPhone, and WWDC

This week, Apple kicks off their World Wide Developer Conference.’a0 Tomorrow, June 8, the keynote address takes place.’a0 We already know the Apple iPhone 3.0 software will be released soon, but mobile geeks everywhere are hoping for new iPhone hardware to be announced soon.’a0 Last June, Apple released the iPhone 3G and there’s hope this June Apple will refresh the hardware stack again.

As you can see, there is a lot happening this month in the world of mobile hardware.

What features or handsets are you looking to try out?’a0 Let’s discuss in the comments!