GorillaPod Makes a Perfect Digital Camera Companion

For those looking for the perfect accessory to go with your new digital camera, be sure to give the GorillaPod a serious look. This bendable, flexible tripod is by far the most used camera accessory (besides the memory card) I use constantly.

The last trip I took to the beach with my family, we were trying to take a picture of ourselves so I positioned my Canon Powershot SD800IS on a log and waited for the little countdown timer to do it’s thing. Then, when the shot was going to fire, the camera fell off the log an into the sand.

Then, I looked into the GorillaPod. As you can see, this tripod can be molded and flexed to stand sturdy on just about any surface. whether it’s a car hood, bench, walkway railing – whatever, allowing you to get a perfect shot every time.

I thought GorillaPods were only available for point and shoot cameras, but Joby also makes them for SLR cameras, Sony PSPs and video cameras as well.

(Photo Credit: Flickr User Cleber)

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