Trust The Flipside Wallet To Carry Your Stuff

Wallets aren’t normally part of’s repertoire of items to check out, but the Flipside Wallet is worthy of coverage.

This is a very durable case that will easily hold your cash, cards, and photos in a secure manner. Also, for those who carry RFID cards and might be worried about someone copying your RFID chip(s), the Flipside wallet is RFID shielded.

I tried the Flipside for a few weeks. Unfortunately, it’s a little too bulky for me and doesn’t offer enough room for my various cards and such. Also, the price is quite high at $45. However, if you’re really concerned about RFID theft, the $45 might seem like a value to to you.

The wallet comes in various colors and is available directly from Flipside Wallets.

A YouTube video featuring the wallet is below: