Searching Twitter On Your Mobile

Since the rise of Twitter and the associated “real-time web”, much attention has been paid to how real-time search could perhaps pass conventional search results in usability and relativity.’a0 I’ll leave this debate to the blogosphere and social media anthropologists, but I do want point out one fact: searching Twitter on the mobile platform leaves a lot to be desired.

That is, until Taptu embraced Twitter as a search type.’a0 Using our mobile search engine crawlers and search algorithms, we index Twitter and therefore are the perfect solution for searching Twitter on the mobile web.’a0 Also, in our upcoming iPhone/iPod Touch application you can narrow your search to Twitter content as well, making our iPhone app an ideal way to find Twitter search results on your iPhone.

Searching Twitter in Taptu Mobile Search

To find your Twitter search results in Taptu mobile search, go to on your mobile and search for any term you want.’a0 Then, in the upper right, click “more>>” and chose Twitter to narrow down your search and only show Twitter search results.’a0 The search page will refresh with the Tweets that contain the search term(s) you input.

As an added bonus, using our sharing methods, if you’d like to share your search results with your friends via Twitter, Facebook, SMS, or Email, you can do that the same way you always have.

Other Options Exist, But Lack

Yes, Google does some indexing of Twitter search results in their desktop search experience, but these Twitter search results on the Google mobile site are indiscernible from the other relevant search results and don’t show up in a few tests I tried on my Nokia devices and Apple iPhone.

Also, there is the conventional Twitter search (formerly Summize), but this page and the associated search results are not formatted or optimized for browsing on your mobile screen and over your mobile data connection.

Becoming Your Mobile Search Machine

We’re working hard to cover all the areas of search you want on your mobile.’a0 We already cover photos, entertainment, sport, movies, travel guides, and Wikipedia, but we’re constantly looking out to become your mobile search machine.

What areas would you like us to go with our searching technology to make our service more useful?’a0 Please connect with us on Twitter by messaging @taptu or leave a comment in the comments section.

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