BodyGuardz Helps Protect Your Mobile Device(s)

As a technology writer, I’m constantly carrying around a few mobile devices that I’m reviewing at a time. I am a gadget nut, therefore I like to take care of my handsets and other electronic goodies.

This is where protective measures such as cases and screen protectors come into play. Whenever I buy a new device, especially an iPod Touch or iPhone, I rush out to help preserve its pristine condition before I drop it and ding it up for the first time.

Recently I checked out BodyGuardz as a way to protect my Nokia E71 mobile handset. BodyGuardz is a clear protective sheath for your mobile device and are available for just about every mobile phone and portable media player.

The plastic the company uses takes a while to install correctly, but provide a tough and transparent skin for your mobile handset. It’s nice to know that I can now put my E71 in the same pocket as change or keys and that the device will stay pristine and not get scratched up.

To check out BodyGuardz, go to their website and also check out the YouTube video below: