Accessories Alert: Check Out Speck

What’s the first thing you do when you buy a new cell phone, laptop, or other electronic gadget? Well after the newness wears off, you’re probably like me and look for accessories to protect and enhance your new gadgets.

This is especially true with Apple products such as Macbooks and iPhones. Speck Products is a company that sells really web-built, functional and down-right good looking accessories for a variety of products.

Their products range from notebook computer sleeves, backpacks, messenger bags to these colorful covers for MacBook Pro laptops and also include wonderful holders and cases for cell phones.


AftPack from Speck Products

I recently received the AftBackpack for toting around my MacBook Pro. This svelte black backpack has an attractive black pinstripe design. It will accommodate up to a 17″ notebook (any notebook – PC or Mac) and has lots of pockets for pads of paper, power accessories or any thing you need to bring with you.

The backpack features a plushly padded micro-fleece compartment for the notebook itself. The straps are very secure feeling and with all the padding the AftPack has, it is quite comfortable to carry around, even when loaded with lots of weight.Â

Bottom line: this notebook backpack looks great, is highly functional, and handles all your gear with style.

Speck SeeThru

SeeThru Cover from Speck Products

SeeThru Cover from Speck Products

In addition to the backpack, I also received a Speck SeeThru case for the MacBook Pro. This custom-fitted color cover adds protection and some colorful flair to the silver exterior to the MacBook Pro. As you can see, I chose Hazard Orange, in honor of my alma matter Oregon State University‘s school color. Plus, I think it looks pretty dang cool!

The hard shell is made of plastic and gives me a way to personalize my MacBook Pro in a non-permanent way. The shell can be easily removed and is well-vented so heat is disbursed when needed. All the ports are readily accessible. It’s apparent Speck spent a lot of time engineering the SeeThru to protect but not hinder your use of the MacBook Pro.

Speck Makes Great Accessories

Since using these two Speck products, I must say, I’m impressed. If/When I get an iPhone, I’ll definitely look their way when it comes to procuring an iPhone 3G case.

If you’re looking for accessories/covers for your notebook computer or cell phone, give Speck Products‘ line a look.

AS A BONUS: if you buy from Speck, use code BMW25 for an instant 25% off their product line. I make no money or percentage off this code – it’s merely a coupon code for my readers to utilize.