Truphone Adds Skype Calling and Messaging on iPhone and iPod Touch

iPod Touch Client

iPod Touch Client

As eluded to in a prior post, Truphone has formally announced the availability of an exciting feature for the Truphone iPhone and iPod Touch client. An updated version of the software will make it possible to call and message your Skype contacts, all from within the Truphone application.

With the addition of Skype functionality, it’s apparent that Truphone wants to be a one stop communication tool for your iPhone and iPod Touch. By being able to interface with the largest PC-based peer to peer VoIP system, Truphone will gain a bevy of new users who want to use Truphone to talk to and message their Skype contacts.

For more perspective on this announcement, check out Alex Saunders take as well as Jim Courtney’s from Skype Journal.

One comment on “Truphone Adds Skype Calling and Messaging on iPhone and iPod Touch
  1. Fring for iphone connects for free to skype and other fring users, also uses true skype out to call regular phone numbers and therefore has MUCH better rates and voice quality is excellent! It is available in the Apple store. Truphone is an inferior product, and more expensive, that has received, unfortunately, more publicity.

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