Truphone Release Transforms iPod Touch’s Capabilities

In an update on a prior post, it has been announced that Truphone, the mobile VoIP company whose products have been covered here before, has released a version of their software for the iPod Touch. The newly released software, available in the Apple iTunes App store, will allow users the ability to make VoIP calls on the portable entertainment device. This development essentially turns the iPod Touch into a mobile phone while in range of a Wi-Fi hotspot.

What Do I Need? What Can Truphone Do On an iPod?

To get started with Truphone on an iPod Touch, users must first must acquire a microphone adapter from the Apple Store. Then, one must install the Truphone application from the App Store, enabling them to make VoIP calls to other Truphone users and their friends on Google Talk as well.

iPod Touch

iPod Touch

Exciting Future Plans

In the near future, Truphone users will offer calling to normal phones including landlines and mobile phones. In addition to voice calling, iPod Touch Truphone allows users to send instant messages to their colleagues on Skype and MSN networks. Also, you will be able engage in voice calls with MSN and Skype users. Expanding beyond voice/text-based messaging, Truphone will also allow you update your presence and status on the Twitter and Facebook social networking services.

Huge Implications

Truphone on the Touch

Truphone on the Touch

Truphone, by releasing a client for the iPod Touch, are adding a whole new level of functionality to the already-popular portable entertainment device. Looking at the broader picture, Truphone is showing the sheer power of the iPod Touch as a platform. The iPod Touch, once viewed as just a way to watch and listen to entertainment content while on-the-go, is a powerful handheld computer. When combined with the right software that uses the hardware in useful ways, the iPod Touch takes on new life.

Also, looking at the client itself, Truphone has excelled. The mobile VoIP company could have easily released a client that merely allows users to only call on the Truphone network, however they wisely added calling to Google Talk clients. Also, by embracing other social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook, Truphone has made their client a social hub.

In my opinion, Truphone is a must-have application for anyone who owns an iPod Touch and desires to stay in touch with their friends and colleagues.

Bonus Link, My friend Andy Abramson has some additional perspective on the Truphone client.