Nokia Announces Nokia Messaging

At Nokia World, along with the announcement of the N97, Nokia is promoting a new product called Nokia Messaging. We’ve had Nokia Chat and Nokia Email for some time, but Nokia Messaging is the culmination of these technologies that bring together mobile email, personal information management (PIM), and instant messaging.

A very huge announcement: You will be able to use your webmail services such as Gmail, Windows Live Hotmail, AOL Mail, Yahoo Mail/Messenger, and numerous international ISPs. Also, Nokia is granting email addresses that will feature up to 1 gigabyte of storage that will be available with a single sign-on from your Nokia handset.

On the web services site, the mobile client will be accompanied by a web service that will allow you to send/receive mail and manage files from your favorite web browser.

Why Mobile Messaging Matters

With Nokia Messaging, Nokia is trying to show that mobile email should be an included feature in a handset – rather than add-on that is meant only for a certain segment of phone users. With the new offering, Nokia hopes to bring a cost-effective solution for those who want to access their email whilst on-the-go.

As Tom Furlong, SVP of Consumer Messaging at Nokia said today:

“We believe everybody should have mobile messaging – it’s not a privilege service that’s meant only for a certain segment of the market. With Nokia Messaging, our customers can simply and affordably gain mobile access to the world’s most popular email and IM accounts. We are making mobile messaging an affordable experience for everyone, not just for those with specialized phones designed for messaging, but for everyone with a Nokia device.”

I’ve been using Nokia Email for a few months and I’ve enjoyed it as a way to get my Gmail mail on the go. I will be very interested to see the new offering with IM implemented at a deeper level.

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