RedBox Starts Vending Blu-Ray

Image Courtesy, Flickr User Eddie

Image Courtesy, Flickr User Eddie

Redbox, the fabulous DVD rental service that uses rental kiosks located at your local McDonalds, is announcing that they are now stocking Blu-Ray titles. That’s right, for just $1, you can watch your favorite Blu-Ray title at home and return it to your local Redbox kiosk.

Redbox is the largest movie-rental kiosk operator in the United States and will be offering Blu-Ray in select markets. Because the disks are more expensive than normal DVDs, I imagine the rollout will be slow.

Among the titles at launch are: Hellboy II, Wall-E, and Tropic Thunder.

I’m excited about this move and about Redbox in general. As a Netflix subscriber, I’m thinking about cancelling the Netflix and just doing Redbox when I need a disk. The only trouble is, sometimes movies the wife and I want are not in stock.