Boingo Adds Washington State Ferries To Their Wi-Fi Service

For those who ride the Ferry across the Puget Sound, Wi-Fi on the ferry is a much needed link and provides a great escape during the hour-long Ferry voyage.

Today, Boingo is announcing that they have acquired the contract to run the WSDOT Ferries from Parsons Transportation Group. As a result, Boingo will offer Wi-Fi in 11 ferry stations and onboard the 15 Ferries that cross the Puget Sound. The Ferries and Terminal stations now join the thousands of other Wi-Fi hotspots around the world.

As I’ve discussed before, Boingo is a great service that offers well managed, fast, and inexpensive Wi-Fi service. Rates start at $7.95 for mobile phones worldwide, and wireless access for a computer is a mere $21.95 per month. Not a bad deal if you’re on the road.