Imagine This: Users Are Unsatisfied with Mobile Websites

Keynote Systems has released a report that illustrates a big problem for those excited about mobile web adoption. The problem (as we already know): mobile websites suck.

Defining the Problem

Keynote Systems queried iPhone users to gather their satisfaction rates when visiting mobile-optimized websites. They found that mobile surfers are frustrated with the usability of web sites and very few click on advertisements. In the study, participants were asked to find an entertainment news story, read it, and search for another topic and send that story to a friend. According to the article, Keynote found that even well-known internet news sites were hard to use with Yahoo only scoring 51% satisfaction and Fox News scoring 64% satisfaction among users.

What This News Means

Right now, companies who build mobile websites do so as an afterthought. Mobile websites are constructed by being stripped down of all valuable content and usability factors that they pour into the full web versions they spend large amounts of money to produce and engineer.

As more mobile customers purchase smart phones and data plans in North America, mobile web sites will have to start paying attention, especially if they want to attract mobile advertising. It should be alarming to mobile webmasters that only 4% of mobile web surfers report clicking on mobile ads.

How can this trend be reversed? Start thinking mobile! Hire great mobile consultants such as Rachel Hinman to help you think about the intricacies of building out mobile solutions at the onset of your project.

Also…ask me :)Â I’m quite helpful and full of (what I feel) are some good ideas.

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