Update on iPod Touch and VoIP: Truphone Is Looking Into It

As a follow up to yesterday’s post about VoIP on the iPod Touch, I had a brief conversation this morning with Truphone CTO Alistair Campbell. He told me the mobile VoIP company is looking are actively investigating the possibility of getting Truphone on the iPod Touch. A huge hindrance, according to the gentleman from the UK, is that Apple hasn’t come out with the headphones that feature the microphone just yet. As Steve Job announced on Tuesday, these headphones won’t be available until October.

I’m glad Truphone is looking into the iPod Touch as a platform. It makes sense from a business standpoint. as Apple sales figures showed last year that there are 2 iPod Touches sold for every 1 iPhone. To get Truphone on as many platforms as possible will definitely benefit the VoIP company as they try to establish themselves as a major player in the mobile Internet telephony market.

Another consideration, according to Campbell, is newly passed legislation here in the US that states VoIP providers must make attempts to provide location information when a user dials 911. These e911 regulations have recently been strengthened by Congress and the President. Skype has been able to bypass much of these e911 laws because Skype users are constantly on the go with their laptops. However, when I asked Mr. Campbell if Truphone on the iPod Touch could follow this same exemption he said he believes the company cannot.

Using Wi-Fi, the iPod Touch has made it possible to get an approximate location based on the coordinates of your access point, so presumably, Truphone may be able to use this data to give your approximate location to emergency dispatchers should you dial 911 from a Truphone client.

However, common sense would tell me that if your house is burning down, you’ll probably pick up a normal phone (or mobile phone) to call the Fire Department. 🙂

5 comments on “Update on iPod Touch and VoIP: Truphone Is Looking Into It
  1. Thanks for digging. I’m very interested in Apple-supported voip on the Touch. Of course it does make sense for *Truphone* from a business standpoint. Maybe not so much sense for Apple if it promises to shift more users from iPhone to Touch, but the advantage would be if it simply moves more units in the case of buyers who otherwise wouldn’t have bought either. I’m a good example: don’t own either device, don’t want an AT&T contract, and would be much more interested in a Touch if it had reliable, known-quantity voip.

  2. this is great.

    the new ipod touch 2g is hooked up perfectly for voip calling. And with the new earphones coming out, everything should work swell.

    just a matter of time.

  3. iPod touch 2g used here… Would love to see truphone for touch. Tell your contact not to worry about the release if the apple ear buds: there’s plenty of options on the market right now which work just fine (eg I use tunebuds mobile and can record audio on several apps without issues). We are all under the impression that truphone would work on iPod touch 2g with only slight programming modifications and updating the compatibility listings so that apple will allow the app store download. I hope they can do something soon!



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