Nokia N82 Build Quality Is Fabulous

There have been some blog posts lately about Nokia build quality, particularly with the Nokia NSeries. More specifically, a few weeks ago, Michael Hill of Symbian Freak wrote of the poor build quality on his N82. Michael notes creaky button pushing, scratches on the screen where he’s taken great care of it, and overall low quality on the N82.

On the other hand, Symbian Guru author dotsisx notes her N82 has been fabulous after a few months of use.

How has my experience been with the N82?

I have to agree with dotsisx. I have been using the N82 on a daily basis since May when I received it from the Nokia Blogger Relations Program. I have found that the candy bar phone is made of high-quality components that have withstood being dropped 2-3 times from waist height, daily cramming in an out of my pants pockets (with coins at time), and being stuffed in my work back (along with pens, coins, and keys) on a regular basis.

Sure, there are a few scrapes on the screen. However, they can only be seen if the screen is completely black and you look the screen from a 45 degree angle. When viewing the screen and interacting with the phone, you cannot notice the scrapes caused by keys and coins and what not.

As far as the buttons and overall phone go, the N82 is a pristine as the day I pulled it out of the box.

Shifting gears to the N81 8GB

The N81 8GB however, is a different story. The phone, even out of the box, seems to be made of lower quality material. The buttons creak when you push them and the slider mechanism has a cheap give to it as you move it into the ‘open’ slider position.

So, as far as the Nseries goes as a whole, I feel the series is made of quality components that hold up over time. I have used the N82 and N81 8GB for an extended period of time. I have had two-week trials of an N95-3 and N95 8GB and have noted both of these devices were solid little multimedia computers.

What is your experience with Nseries and build quality? Please leave a comment below.

12 comments on “Nokia N82 Build Quality Is Fabulous
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  2. I’ve been using a N82 since July. Quality is great. The main problem with this phone is the buttom design (the numeric buttoms) the REALLY sucks! I can’t belive Nokia decided to use this kind of little and anoying button on this HIGH END phone!

  3. I have been using n82 for a couple of months now, and the build quality of the cover of the keypad is just awfull. nothing compared to the cover of the screen, the (*) key makes noises when i press it and the end+send keys also.. maybe it is beacuse mine isn’t made in finland…

  4. Mine is 2 months old but it started to go slow and sometimes hang. When this happens, the only thing to do is to turn it OFF to reboot…really sucks!!!grrrr.

  5. Eric, mine is made on Finland and have the same problem. I don´t know why, but I tested some of them in a Nokia store and realise the black ones have this problem. The silver ones don´t.
    Very awkward!
    My opinion: Since the phones are replaced in less than one year Nokia really doesn´t care too much about quality. Some people who has the N95 has alreay shifted to N95-8G and also to the N96.
    That is the main problem.

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