Nokia Legends Campaign Now Live

Nokia Legends, the ad campaign I was involved in last month will go live today.

The campaign centers around 8 stories told by actor Ron McLarty (of Sex In The City and Law and Oder fame). The urban legends, as they are called, highlight innovations that are coming out in the near future, a few years from now, or are just perhaps a very lucrative research project.

Nokia Legends represents a departure from normal technology marketing. Rather than presenting you with acronyms, flashy graphics, trying to sell you on a new handset or technology, the Legends campaign draws you in with really interesting (and a few creepy) stories about what is possible with mobile innovations that Nokia has been developing.

The Nokia Legends site is constructed like an old style newspaper. I think it looks like the newspaper in Harry Potter where the pictures actually come to life. Each of the eight videos is embedded into the newspaper articles and play once you click on them. One of the stories can be customized with a photo and sent to your friends.

Head on over to and check it out for yourself!

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