Gearing Up For Mobilize ’08

Soon I’ll be heading down to San Francisco, CA for the Mobilize conference put on by GigaOm. What gear does one need to cover such a conference? Here’s my rundown:

  • My original Macbook: I was hoping Steve Jobs and Apple would have come out with the new version of the Macbook Pro by now. However, I’ll be packing my Macbook that has Core Duo processor, 2GB of RAM, and plenty of storage for capturing all that is going to happen at Mobilize.
  • Nokia N810 Tablet: This ultra-portable rock star of an Internet tablet can do IM, web surfing, email, Skype, play any media I need it to, and do video conferencing. It’s easy to port around and has a full backlit keyboard.
  • Voice Recorder: I’m going to be doing some interviews while I’m at Mobilize, so I was thinking I’d need a voice recorder to take good notes. However, while parusing the menus of my handy Nokia N82, I realized this swiss army knife of a phone has voice recording software built in to the OS. Pretty freaking handy! This means I have to carry around one less piece of equipment in my bag.
  • Nokia N82 phoneThis phone is the candy-bar version of the N95. It shoots pictures at 5 mega-pixels and shoots video at 640×480 at 30 frames a second. Not bad, for a mobile phone. Plus it has wi-fi built in so I can do VoIP calling if I need to. With the N82, I don’t need to carry around a digital camera because of it’s high-end optics and inclusion of a zenon flash.