Nokia Creates Fantastic Nokia Maps Ad Campaign

Hot off the heels of watching Nokia shoot some fantastic Nokia Legends videos, I took notice of another phenomenal online video campaign. This time, the Nokia Maps (a technology I’ve written about before) team has produced a series of online videos centered around “Lost Characters”.

Nokia Maps is an extremely mobile mapping solution that features mobile satellite navigation that provides general map information, routing information, and soon will show you when your friends are within a certain geographic location.

Nokia enlisted the help of UK-based creative agency Work Club to showcase the possibilities of mobile mapping to the general public. The videos are interesting, informative, and down-right fun to watch.

The first video takes a spin on the familiar game of PacMan – offering the protagonist a “Personal Navigator” to find his way around his ghostly counterparts.

Lost Chicken follows a chicken who just wants to grab a bite to eat. Sound familiar?

Ever go to a different city other than your own and feel like a stranger in a strange land? Nokia Maps can help you, just like this fun, curious alien.

X marks the spot, right? Ditch the map and find your booty with navigation. The pirates did! ARRRR!

Sometimes you just want to find your friends and hang out. Look for just the perfect person and share some experiences.

[Hat Tip: Symbian-Freak]

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