I Have An Idea To Bring Portland Tech Community Together

It seems Portland has a lot of freelancers and self-employed folks. I am currently at Gnomedex sitting next to Rick Turoczy, Josh Bancroft and Jason Grigsby, and I’m enjoying looking over their shoulder watching how they work and do their *thang*.

This spawned an idea: I wonder what Jason does on a day to day basis, same with Amber Case who I just met yesterday. Additionally, when I was in high school, one of my favorite things was doing “job shadows” where you would basically follow someone around during their workday and be exposed to their roles and duties

Why don’t we start a PDX job shadowing effort? The shadows could be either for a full day, half a day, or just a couple of hours. Two people who are paired for a shadowing could meet either at one’s office or a coffee shop, or whatever.

I could see this really building community in the PDX scene – especially on a one-to-one basis.

Is anyone interested in this? If so, I’ll build such an arranging service. Please leave a comment.

6 comments on “I Have An Idea To Bring Portland Tech Community Together
  1. I would LOVE to spend time learning about what folks do. I am so curious about how people spend their work day hours. Tech, creative, corporate, freelance…doesn’t matter. This is a fabulous idea!

  2. It could be as simple as those freelancers working from a specific location someday… pick a coffee shop? Brilliant idea… I suspect there’s a lot of collaboration and brainstorming that could happen.

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