Hopping On the Bus to Gnomedex!

This weekend, the best social media/web culture conference of the year, Gnomedex gets underway in Seattle. For those of you unaware, Gnomedex is a 2-day social media conference hosted by Chris and Ponzi Pirillo. This conference is not driven by a corporate message, rather it’s just a bunch of geeks getting together to talk about our craft(s) and geek out. There are some big name bloggers going including Robert Scoble, Dave Winer, Jason Calacanis, Marshall Kirkpatrick, and yours truly :).

This year, the great folks at Iterasi threw out an idea that I immediately was excited about. Pete Grillo and Alex Williams, part of the local Portland startup, have made arrangements for Portland blogger folks to ride up on a bio-diesel converted bus, fully equipped with Wi-Fi for an awesome geek road trip. We’ll be on twitter and blogging the whole way. For those of you interested, I’m harrisja on twitter. Please add me if you wish.

I’m thinking of this bus ride as a ride to geek summer camp. So awesome!

If you’re interested in taking the bus with use, see the page on Facebook and Iterasi’s blog post about the road trip.