Is Apple’s 3G Network Poisoning the iPhone 3G Experience?

Photo Courtesy Flickr User shareatt1

Photo Courtesy Flickr User shareatt1

Most everyone I know who has an iPhone is happy with it. Whether they own a 3G or original iPhone, iPhone users are generally in love with their device. I’m wondering however, if AT&T’s 3G network is doing okay under the new heavy load. According to CNet, AT&T’s 3G network has been having major issues with dropped calls and data network drop-outs.

According to the article, one iPhone user said:

“The phone was a disappointment from the standpoint that it couldn’t maintain a consistent connection with the 3G network…All the other features were fantastic,” said Shaw, a sales professional living in a Cleveland suburb. But those other features weren’t enough to prevent him from returning to Verizon and the BlackBerry after deciding the hassle just wasn’t worth it.”

*Ouch*. What a harsh statement for AT&T’s network. It’s clear the 3G network is causing its users to have trouble staying connected and making calls, even while in an area with a seemingly strong 3G footprint.

How has your iPhone 3G experience been? Is the network performing to your standards?