TruPhone Launches iPhone VoIP App, and It’s Missing a Feature

First, the good news. TruPhone, the UK mobile VoIP client I’ve written about before, has launched their client VoIP application for the iPhone and is available in the iPhone App Store.

Before this announcement, TruPhone has only been available for the Symbian platform which I’ve used on my Nokia phones. What does TruPhone do? Easy answer: it uses Internet telephony to route calls, making it very cheap to call internationally from your mobile phone. Because it uses Wi-Fi, TruPhone does not have any roaming charges and also allows you co make calls when you you’re in a cell phone dead spot.

Now the bad news: A limitation to the iPhone TruPhone application is that it only allows you to make calls while on a Wi-Fi hotspot, not over the 3G cellular data network. On the other hand, my Nokia phone running S60, while on 3G, can send and receive VoIP calls over TruPhone when on 3G *and* Wi-Fi.

I imagine this is due to the fact that Apple and AT&T crippled the iPhone’s ability to do VoIP calling while on the 3G network. Steve Jobs is okay with you VoIPing over Wi-Fi, but not 3G. Gotta love the US telcos cripling phones…yikes.