Google Maps Trials Walking Directions, I Want It On The Mobile Version

According to Google Operating System, Google Maps is trialing a new feature for maps users – walking directions. This will be a great addition to the Google Maps System as more and more people chose to walk in major cities with the rising costs of gas and the pain involved with finding and paying for parking.


My hope is that Google Maps for Mobile gets this same functionality. Because in a similar manner, my Nokia N82 handset features Nokia Maps, which also features walking directions with the recent release of Nokia Maps 2.0. I find this to be a great feature and use it regularly while walking around downtown Portland and when I’m traveling to other cities.

I’m glad to see Google introducing the same feature on the web version, but for my friends who aren’t fortunate to have Nokia Maps at their disposal, I hope Google introduces this in Google Maps for mobile as well. 🙂