ASUS Eee PCs TO Get Larger Keyboards

eepcThe ever popular ASUS Eee PC is about to get perhaps its most significant upgrade yet. Is it WiMax, a boost in RAM, an LED backlit screen? No – it’s a larger keyboard!

The upcoming 904 and 905 models will have the same 8.9 inch screen as normal, but the keyboard will be the size of the one used on the company’s 10.2 inch model. The 904 and 905 models will soon come out and will eventually replace the existing 900 and 901 models. Watch for dramatic price drops on the 900 and 901 when the new models appear.

Also, the new ASUS computers will feature the much hyped Intel Atom processor, which features ultra-low power consumption combined with fantastic battery life.

Good times are ahead in the ultra mobile PC market.

[via Digitimes] [Photo credit: Flickr User Moe_]

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