Thoughts on iPhone 3G(PS)

So Apple came out with their new cell phone today – the iPhone 3G, as they’re calling it. For those of you who don’t know, it has:

  • 3G network access
  • A new plastic-ey look
  • built in GPS

All these features were known as of last week thanks to the blogosphere. However, the amazing thing to me with the new iPhone is the battery life! I’m hoping these numbers are close to reality: 300 hours of standby, 5 hours of 3G Talk, 8 hours of 2G (EDGE) talk time. Outstanding!

These features are all great…they are ones I’ve been enjoying on my Nokia N95 and N82 for about a year now. Geo-location on photos is awesome and I’m glad my iPhone brethren will finally be able to see where photos are taken and know exactly where they are on a map…rather than 1800 metres of accuracy granted by Google Maps ‘My Location’ triangulation – also known as poor man’s GPS.

As I was talking with Jason Grigsby yesterday, I think location based services are going to be hot. and iPhone’s inclusion of 3G will take LBS to a whole new level. Take Apple’s Core Location – it tells you who on the contact list of your iPhone is within 10 miles of you. This will be useful going forward and I am anxious to see what kind of apps devs can write with Core Location being able to be used throughout the iPhone OS.

Peter Ha over at TechCrunch is bitching about the iPhone requiring a 2-year contract. Um, Peter…the iPhone ALWAYS required a 2-year AT&T service agreement…what’s so new about this? Anyone who bought an iPhone last year in the US agreed to be contracted (I call it “By the Balls”) with AT&T. If you know where Peter is coming from, please leave a comment.

The iPhone 3G will be available on July 11 at an opening price of $199 for an 8 GB model. $299 for 16GB.