The Internet is Taking Us Beyond the 5 o’clock Sound Bite News

mass mediaMichael Masnick of Techdirt recently pointed to a study that shows Americans are utilizing the Internet to gain in depth knowledge during this election cycle.

In my opinion, this is the greatest power the Internet is granting to us “common-folk”.

I have been so disappointed this election cycle because of the lack content in the conventional media of information about the issues. I’m tired of hearing about pastors and other distractions the mainstream press is trying to feed us on the 5 o’clock news. I want to know stances, messages, and cold hard facts.

In an era where the some say the Internet feeds our short attention spans, it’s ironic that this study shows just the opposite. The Internet fuels our desire for information exchange while cutting out the middle man. No wonder why CBS’ ratings are down for their nightly news.

(photo credit: Flickr user Boeke)